Research & Development

DSIR Approved R&D Facility

"Quality Product Innovation" is our watchword. Backed by a dedicated state of the art R&D facility, Organica Aromatics presents its products with elegant professionalism, on time, every time.

Research Development Research Development Research Development

Organica Aromatics has set up a state of the art R&D facility of international standards for carrying out all types of reactions like Friedel Crafts Acylation, Grignard reaction, Jones Oxidation, Swern Oxidation , High Pressure Hydrogenation and HighVacuum Distillations. We have got a strong synthetic team of scientists who has got expertise in all types multi-step syntheses. Organica has an excellent analytical testing facility which gives full support to the Synthetic Chemistry group.

The sophisticated R & D technology at Organica Aromatics is an invaluable asset to the company. Supported by an enthusiastic and competent research team, the company constantly strives to update its technological infrastructure.

Guided by a commitment to ecofriendly production, coupled with safety measures that match international standards, Organica Aromatics pioneered the successful introduction of several products in a very short span. This achievement encouraged its promoters to extend generous support to the company’s research activities.

Organica Aromatics employs the latest technology and standard testing procedures at each stage of processing so as to ensure compliance to cGMP standards.

The R & D team utilizes innovative technological measures to develop custom designed processes and products for established manufacturers of flavours and fragrances. Olfactory evaluation plays a key role in determining the marketability of aroma products and state of the art sensory testing facilities are available at the company’s laboratories.

Organica Aromatics firmly believes in the uniqueness of its products and ensures that they are processed with great care at all stages, from raw material procurement to the dispatch of the final product.