Safranal Ultra Pure
Safranal Ultra Pure
Structural Formula : Safranal Ultra Pure
Chemical name : 2,2,6,6-trimethylcyclohexa-1,3-diene-1-carbaldehyde
Product Code : 155007
CAS No : 116-26-7
FEMA No : 3389
EINECS No : 204-133-7
Synonyms : Dehydro beta cyclocitral
Molecular formula : C10H14O
Molecular weight : 150.2
Data sheet
Appearance : Pale yellow to yellow colored liquid.
Miscibility : Miscible in alcohol , Immiscible in water.
Specific gravity : 0.950 – 0.970 at 25°C.
Refractive index : 1.520 – 1.530 at 25°C.
Acid value : NMT 2.0
Stabilizer : 0.05% w/w Alpha Tocopherol
Purity by GC : 90 - 95%.
Odour profile
Fresh, warm, spicy, sweet, saffron odour
Shelf life
1 year if stored in full, closed airtight container under nitrogen blanket.
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Ambronica Amber
Acetyl Iso Eugenol Fruity
Allyl Amyl Glycolate Fruity
Allyl Caproate Fruity
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Alpha Damascone Floral, Green
Applitone Fruity
Benzyl Iso Eugenol Fruity
Beta Damascone Floral, Green
Beta Galbutenone Green, Galbanum, Fruity
Butylozone Fresh Melon, Green
Cidalor Floral, Green
Cis-3-Hexenyl Tiglate Fresh, Green, Floral, Fruity
Citronellyl Tiglate Fruity
Citronica Citrus
C-14 ALDEHYDE Fruity
C-18 ALDEHYDE Fruity
Damascenone Total Floral, Green
Floral Dec Fresh, Aldehydic, Marine, Powerful and floral
Fruvertor Green, Fruity, Herbal, Natural
Galbador CG Fruity
Geosmin Fresh Soil Earthy odor
Geranyl Tiglate Fruity
Greenarome Floral, Green
Iris-OA Woody, Ambery, Orris
Iso Damascone Floral, Green
Iso Mohanol Sandal, Woody
Jorasmin Floral, Green
Jorasmin Plus Floral, Jasmine, Herbal, Green note
Karanaorg Amber
Kephalor Amber
Melonorg Melonic, Ozonic
Methoxy Melonal Melonic, Ozonic
Methyl Cyclo Geranate Natural, Herbal, Floral, Fruity, Woody, Camphor
Methyl Geranate Waxy, Green, Fruity
Mohanol Sandal, Woody
Olibanum Oil Balsamic, Spicy, Lemony
Oriental Ester Spicy, Oriental
Orspirane Woody, Cooling, Minty, Camphoreous
Methylozone Melonic, Ozonic
Phenyl Ethyl Tiglate Fruity
Resinoid Guggul Sweet dry balsamic, medicinal, diffusive
Resinoid Olibanum Floral, Resinous
Rionyl Oakmoss,Woody
Safranal Spicy, Oriental
Safranal Ultra Pure Fresh, Warm, Spicy, Sweet, Suffron odour
Sandafleur Sandal, Woody
Sandanol Sandal, Woody
Strawberone Sweet Strawberry
Supersantol Sandal, Woody
Tetrafloran Floral(lavender)
Tridecenor Sandal, Woody
Woodalor Sandal, Woody
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